Glossary of Fielding Statistics
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  Plus/Minus System Plays made above average

FA+- Fielding % above the League Average

Fielding Runs (FR)

Fielding Win Shares (FWS)

This method of evaluating fielding, which was developed by Bill James, adjusts traditional fielding statistics for primarily:

1) The "false normalization" that makes fielding statistics for players on poor teams appear to be better than they
really are.

2) The groundball/flyball and strikeout tendencies of a pitching staff

3) Statistics that do not gauge defensive ability (i.e. catcher putouts that result from strikeouts, or any third basemen

Catchers Only:

Assists per Game Caught
PB/G Passed Balls per Game Caught

Outfielders Only:

Assists minus errors

This simple statistic allows us to rate the effectiveness of someone who has a strong, yet wild arm against a player who
makes solid and accurate throws.  It also compares players from most eras consistently, as errors and assists among outfielders have generally declined over time.